the simple story: black + white = color

the SIMPLE story | flower power
bird feathers of the northern shores
chamomile harvest
sunflower harvest
sacred basil flowerheads
seashore dandelions
ocean grove seagrass
horseshoe crabs
tumble weed of ocean grove nj
furled fronds of a young fern
snake sheds + lizard
trumpet vine seed pods
the humble bloodroot
the thistle of Wellfleet MA
spring leaves
sunbleached seagul bones + goats teeth
flowers of Oxalis
Love in a puff vines
fish bones + bones of a carnivorous mammal
money leaf
maple tree seedlings
fallen birds nest
dr. seuss' wild onion flower
the delicate sea grass of Wellfleet MA
wild tulips
th storm crabs of ocean grove nj
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